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Community Issues

Affordable Housing


As part of the Economic Stimulation, New Yorkers are strugguling to find an affordable place to live.

Small Businesses & Jobs


As part of the Economic Stimulation, small business and job loss is a problem of our community.

Retirement & Social Security


As part of Economic Stimulation, will create programs to help you be financially healthy for your retirement.



All Americans has the right for a quality education, starting from pre-kinder to high school on the way, all students has the right to get the education they need even special education programs, incentives, financial aids and more important the resources our students needs to be able to pass the grades and accomplish their academic goals.



 New York City is the most diverse city in the US having population from around the world including but not limited to tourist that visit us each year. Having our New Yorkers to enjoy a healthy life, will be more productive and more enjoyable in time.