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Health Care


New York City is the most diverse city in the US having population from around the world including but not limited to tourist that visit us each year. Having our New Yorkers to enjoy a healthy life, will be more productive and more enjoyable in time. 


According to the community health profile second edition from the department of health, one third of the adult population, doesn’t have health insurance to do their check up and keep them in a healthy life. 

Lack of sufficient programs for ongoing conditions, recent studies had demonstrated the increase on mental health issues, these issues are not limited to suicides also are included in domestic violence. Stress, anxiety, self-esteem time and others, these type of mental health problems affects our New Yorkers homes in anyway and we are la king on medical research where we can find more ways to treat disease and ways how to improve our community health.


1. Educate the community with the new market place where New Yorkers are able to apply for a low cost or free health insurance, raise the limit of the city health programs called Medicaid for those who has low income and they can’t afford a health insurance.

2. Enhance programs for ongoing conditions where will be hassle free and all New Yorkers are able to be treated according to their preexisting condition.

3. Mental health programs, open more centers in every community including in schools social workers, and acquire more social workers where can identify early stages of depression or any other preexisting conditions that needs immediate attention.  

4. Medical research on preexisting conditions and disease, to create a program to enhance the medical research and educate the community.

5. Build more urgent clinics, where our community can receive urgent care and avoid crowded hospitals.