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 All Americans has the right for a quality education, starting from pre-kinder to high school on the way, all students has the right to get the education they need even special education programs, incentives, financial aids and more important the resources our students needs to be able to pass the grades and accomplish their academic goals.


Access to a quality education is a great civil rights issues of our time. Nationally, a quarter of students fail to graduate high school within four years, by the lack of teachers and academic resources, students can’t get the education they deserve. Schools are lacking in advance math & science programs and as well ESL programs for those students who lacks of their English language skills are forced to learn not in the correct way. Most of our students wants to continue their academic career and get more intensive and higher education thru college, but these students are not able to qualify for financial aid even though they are legal residents in our nation.


1. Provide financial aid to those students who are USA citizens and legal status residents by increasing the college fund from $150 to $300 million a year.

2. Enhance ESL program s in the public schools, where all schools can provide to its students a higher quality of education and eliminate the language barrier to communicate in English. NYC has 70% of their population speaking other language at their home, and less schools providing this education. Currently district 75 of the Department of Education on selected schools are offering this program with limited teachers and resources.

3. Enhance the Advance Math & Science programs to public schools, to prepare our students solving advance mathematical methods and learn the innovations of the science. Involve the student from Elementary schools in math & science projects to enrich their knowledge and prepare them for the better of tomorrow. Currently Department of Education offers the Advance Math & Science at selected schools of New Vision charter schools in every borough, will be proposed this program also be applicable as part of the student curriculum in their years in schools.

4. Build more schools to avoid crowded classrooms and more children are able to receive education.

5. Create more vocational and technical schools where can provide students an option to work in the field they choose of study.