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Jobs & Small Businesses


In the past decade, New Yorkers has been layoff from their jobs, according to the New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Division, approximately 70,000 jobs had been lost, and these create a dramatic increase on unemployment rate in the state. This high unemployment represents loss in economic gain from the personal prospective and government wise to continue with projects and enhance programs for the benefits of its people.

Many companies had left New York State, small businesses had been closed, and those company closures are responsible for our higher unemployment rate.


1. High taxes- Our per capita state-local tax burden of 12.8% is the highest and well above the national rate of 9.9%. New Yorkers are paying high income tax, property taxes, utility surcharges, and high cost of living, where many New Yorkers can't afford with at low hourly wage of $15.00 per hour.

2. Regulations- The regulatory code in New York State contains 23 titles and fills 83 volumes on regulations for large businesses including small businesses. These regulations chase large businesses out of the state and small businesses to close. The increased cost of doing business has a direct effect on employment: the more expensive it is to do business, the fewer workers a company will hire. And not even fewer employees to hire, if the companies are forced to close or move to other state to do business, these companies don’t hire at all and had to layoff their workers creating a higher impact in the unemployment rate.

3. Workforce Development- lack of coordination and collaboration to prepare the future jobs candidates to be prepare for the competitive job market. 


1. Low the personal income taxes, low property taxes and eliminate the utility surcharge- by creating are more affordable state to attract more people to live in the state to minimize those who move out and work in the city. The taxes earned and collected from these workers are not staying in our state.

2. Eliminate at least 1,000 regulations, eliminate regulations that impede small business growth, remove barriers to infrastructure investment- by eliminating regulations that are not necessary applicable for a business, less expenses for the government and more chance to hire employees.

3. Boost SUNY, CUNY and community colleges, improvement in high school career counseling and create vocational/technical schools. This solution will prepare the candidate for the job world had chosen the career path and with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.

4. Incentives- create a tax credit program for the first year for every unemployed person they hire and retain in their company.

Affordable Housing

It's had been hard for a single individual and family to afford a place to live in New York. There are many regulations who affects the landlords not limited to raise of taxes and new assessments on properties, has made the landlords raise the rent for its tenants and make affordable for a single or family to live in New York.

Many had opt out to move out from NYC and relocate upstate New York, Long Island as well New Jersey.

I will work hard to freeze the raising of property taxes and make housing affordable for everyone.

Retirement & Social Security

Cost of living in New York is not allowing individuals to save money for Retirement, will create a Voluntary State Fund where individuals can contribute for it's salary towards retirement and can be tax deductible.

This will allow an employee another alternative to secure it's future besides Social Security, can can contribute from different sources of employment.